Nzinga's Daughters


Nzinga's Daughters is an ensemble of women who share their gift of song and prose from the East Coast of the USA to the West Coast of Africa. 

The Daughters perform for private and public school system, universities, senior citizen centers, festivals, community events and major arts and cultural venues in Connecticut, New England, and Ghana, West Africa.  Their program includes a variety of African, Caribbean and African-American music, drumming, storytelling and poetry. 

Nzinga's Daughters are best know for their “Underground Railroad” performance.  They perform both adult and youth adapted versions.  The program invites the audience to experience the creativity, ingenuity, and perseverance employed by African-American slaves in their efforts to shepherd runaway slaves to safety.  Because slaves were prohibited from learning to read or write,  they developed an elaborate system of communication which included embedding coded messages into the verses of Negro spirituals. 

Children and family versions engage the audience with sing-a-longs and having performers act out stories or read a short excerpt about a relevant historic figure or event.  Adult performances use more poignant vignettes of struggle and oppression to engage the audience.

Either performance is available to be booked at your location.  Click here to book this dynamic and inspiring group at your next event. Click here to find out about their next concert.


Their summer concert “Music of the African Diaspora''  features some of the greatest performers in the Greater Hartford area as well as the entire East Coast.   The Diaspora concert entertains, educates and builds awareness through multiculturalism and music.  The music is rooted in African influences and represents the musical styles of Africa, Brazil, Afro Latin and West Indies.  The audience will enjoy a rich blend of traditional and contemporary Gospel, R&B, Nostalgia, Pop, and Funk music performing songs with positive messages. The concert is a grant funded program and is held in different Hartford, CT venues in July and is free to all who would like to attend.

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